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Kuching Waterfront Stroll

Janani and I went on a stroll on the Kuching waterfront with our cameras last weekend. We’re really trying to make full use of our little cameras and challenge ourselves to take more interesting pictures in our little city. It is quite surprising that some of my friends asked where some of them are taken because according to them, “it doesn’t look like Kuching”. We find beauty in a lot of things and I’m glad that we’re able to show you guys a little more of our pretty home from our perspective.

02 daphne waterfront

The tiles on the Waterfront. When I was a kid, I would walk on all the white tiles that curved along the waterfront, and jump to the next white tile strip if they weren’t connected. It used to be a place where my family would stroll along on weekends. My brothers and I would play at the playground with the fish and crab shaped wooden sculptures which are no longer there.

08 daphne waterfront

July evening in Kuching.

09 daphne waterfront

Adjusting the little gorilla pod

10 daphne waterfront

Went down to the docks.

11 daphne waterfront

Took more pictures at the dock. There’s something about pattern repetition that is quite pleasant.

03 daphne waterfront


04 daphne waterfront
05 daphne waterfront

Gonna miss you chicka! Who’s gonna do silly stuff with me when you leave?!

01 daphne waterfront

My favourite picture of Kuching.

07 daphne waterfront

Outfits: Blouse and Coat – Mango Tan Skirt – Zara

06 daphne waterfront

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