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Baggio Line Art | Singapore

In the video I recorded a little of my frustration. It was Day 3 and look at that horrid liquid papered face behind me.

"Truth is, painting doesn’t always come out right the first time, so it’s about perseverance and just trying to get it right. Like life."

Nothing is always easy, really. No matter how good you are at anything, you’re bound to make a tiny mistake or more once in a while and that’s okay, as long as you’re there to make it later better. 

Hope you enjoy the art and the videos. It’s two jobs to do both of it but I’m enjoying them very much. If you guys like to see more, just subscribe to this blog and my YouTube channel. I don’t store your emails and I don’t send commercial stuff so you’ll probably only get a mail from this blog about once or twice week or something or whenever I do post something.

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