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Chatuchak Weekend Market Vlog + Swollen Ankle + Upcoming Events

Figured since I'm in the "productive mood tonight, I might as well update here as well. Here's the video for the week before on our visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market! I kinda love the place for it's ton of same yet not so same stuff. Didn't really buy anything though except for fruits lol. Check it out.

 I know this is supposed to be a picture blog but I end up posting more videos than pictures. There are just SO MANY PICTURES to go through and edit that I just don't have that time.

Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram Stories @daphnesiaw You've probably seen a lot of my foot. Yes, my foot. It has been a week now and I still can't walk! I had flu last weekend and played badminton. I felt really tired and wanted to go home earlier but thought maybe I'd just play one more match. And there I went, a split second of bad posture and I sprained my ankle so bad, I sat on the floor stunned. So yeah, swollen foot throughout the long weekend. Worse part is that I had flu AND period at the same time. So that was like a super painful 5 days. All I can say is that this is a HUGE inconvenience especially since Kuching is not a really disabled friendly place lol. After 28 years, I get my first serious sprain that required me to walk with crutches UGH. I documented my semi-disabled experience in Insta stories.. Maybe I'll turn it into a vlog one day.. We'll see.

Which leads to the upcoming events. I will be in Sibu this weekend for an Art Festival and will be painting a mural. Sad part is I can't freaking walk. So the organisers are going to find a wheel chair for me. So sad. The last thing I want to do is perform and speak in front of hundreds as well as be photographed at such a sorry state. lol. This is going down in my books.

July will be the Rain Forest World Music Festival and I'll be volunteering for Bookaroo! Yay! Come say hi to me! August, we'll be having a human drawing workshop. very excited. Need to keep health up. Okay. It's late, foot is hurting and I should sleep. Till next time, Subscribe to my YouTube channel for my weekly videos - the only consistent thing in my life right now. lol. kthxbyeeeee

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