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Beautiful Kota Kinabalu 2015

As seen on my previous post, I was in Kota Kinabalu two weeks ago to get my Open Water Divers' license. The trip is an early-planned belatedly-used birthday present that's half sponsored by Matt and possibly my favourite holiday in a long time!

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I felt like I was able to appreciate the place a lot more compared to the many other times I was here as I walked and wandered around the city this time. There were fat pigeons! We saw one that was as big as a chicken on a roof of the building next to our hotel!

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I just love sunsets!

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Another part of the waterfront where locals and tourists hung out, and kids practiced skateboarding. Lovely!

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Fishermen boats? I actually see this in front of my office window everyday as my office is right beside the jetty.

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Our hotel is clean, comfortable and has strong warm water. It's really near a lot of malls, bars, restaurants, even a walkable distance from the jetty! They also offer us a free simple breakfast as shown in the picture above, making it a good place to stay if you're on a budget. I'd probably only complain about the thin hard pillows.

It was raining a lot on the second day onwards. I even had a dive skill test session in the rain which wasn't the most comfortable day as the waves were a little too strong. It also affected the visibility quite a bit.

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While waiting for the rain to stop on our last day there, I happened to meet an old friend from university in the mall! What a coincidence! Borneo felt a little smaller at that point in time. Such luck to have met him too! He gave us a ride to the newer mall nearby, Imago as Oceanus was quite dead and it was raining too heavily to walk over.

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And that concludes my very enjoyable trip to our neighbouring state's capital city. I really love KK and don't mind to live there just to be near the sea, sand, and islands. It has a good balance of nature and city. Now I feel I must come back every year as it's near and not expensive.

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 Next up, food we ate in KK! Ate pretty pricey seafood dinners but they were so fresh! Totally worth the try!

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