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Black White Beige & Less

Shades of black, white and beige are probably the best, safest and most practical colours to use on almost everything and anything, everyday. This colour combination is one that you just wouldn't mind having around you for a really long time, be it in the interiors of your space and on things you wear or use. Heck, even my website design and computer interface are based on these colours. I believe it's because it gives a great colour balance. White brings the light, black balances it with some dark, and beige just warms up the two lifeless colours, balancing the scales, bringing comfort to our eyes.

05 Werk

This was my Monday work outfit based on the three colours. Everything is pretty basic. I haven't been shopping much lately because clothes and accessories I've been buying in the past couple of years have been pretty "safe" in color and design so they don't go out of style too quickly. List of stuff on the human: Mid sleeved blazer - Bought online somewhere YEARS ago Short turtle neck top - H&M Skirt - Topshop Bag - Coach Pumps - Charles & Keith Watch - Obaku Rings and earrings - H&M

06 Werk

I happened to watch this video below this week too which is further inspiring me to stick to safer basics, declutter, and buy only what I need. I think it's not only a great way to save, it'll also encourage us to consume less which does mean less waste in the world = using less of the world's resources = one way of saving the planet! Serious! #livewithless! And the video below is proof that having less doesn't mean we need to compromise on style. I mean, look at how beautiful and clean the home is! It's also a good excuse to spend a little more to get very fine, quality things, because you're only spending on one anyway. I think it's a great opportunity for creativity too. Think I'm going to sell 3/4 of my wardrobe OR stitch all the old clothes on to my 6 foot canvas that has been sitting behind me for the past half a year (omg so inspired suddenly). Stay tuned for an original art piece! Will put all the art stuff on or you may follow @artsydaphy on Instagram for more updates on artwork hehe. Till the next Saturday's Style post, enjoy pictures of my bitch resting face :P, ta!

03 Werk
01 Werk

Ok, fine, I can't keep that up :D

07 Werk Me

Ooh, tried these Dolly Wink eyelashes. They were the most natural looking I could find in the store but still look too thick and long on me. :( Small Asian mono-lid eye problem here. No joke, these are my natural eyelids:

daphne mono lid

Kiss Me lashes in size 10 are still the best most natural looking ones on me. Do let me know if you guys are interested in seeing how different my eyes can look in different levels of makeup :P (I may decide to do an eye makeup for monolid post). Ok, bye now.

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