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Dal.komm Coffee Singapore

During my last visit to Singapore, I was fortunate enough to be brought to several hip restaurants and bars. One of them is the Korean cafe called Dal.Komm Coffee at Centre Point, Orchard Road. Apparently it just opened not long ago. I only just realised today that this is where the coffee scenes in Descendants of the Sun was filmed. I enjoyed the drama but did not notice this lol.

dalkomm last

It was a Tuesday afternoon so there wasn't a ton of people there like most cafes I happen to visit. It is also a big establishment so there was plenty of room to sit and work with you laptop.

dalkom 2

There are three blends of coffee to choose from. I got the mild. It was quite light. Being a coffee drinker, I probably should have gotten something a little stronger.

dalkom 3

My cappuccino came in an above average coffee shop size. My friend's latte came in the plastic cup.

dalkomm 6

There were these retro speakers as part of the interior. Something to do with their theme of blending music into the whole cafe experience. You could read more info here and on Dal.komm's own website.

dalkomm 5

Do let me know your experiences at Dal.komm if you ever drop by one day!

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