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Painted Pandelela on a Building

I did not realise that I totally forgot to post this last week. Nowonder I felt there was a kind of emptiness here. Anyway, vlogged on painting on Feast and Furious Cafe again! Here's how it is like painting 4 meters of the ground! Had Kimberley around to help me this time. Happy. Congratulations to our Sarawakian Olympic Medalist, Pandelela Rinong! You make us PROUD!

Got tons of things to do in the next 3 days! 3 portraits out and scripts and shoots to do! Can't wait! Sorry if this is a boring post. Will have much more content soon promise! Enjoy the video for now and please subscribe on YouTube! Really want to get a verified account soon!

Ooh, also did a few small changes on this blog if you haven't noticed :D

Thanks! Love! Ta!

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