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Pretty Ferandus Cafe

There has been a boom in pretty cafes in Kuching in the past few years. Last weekend, I was introduced to yet another lovely place called Ferandus. It's name is based on a deer's scientific name I presume. The actual name and a deer is painted on the wall but I realised I didn't capture it. The place has white bright Scandinavian interiors that is just perfect for a refreshing chill session with a good book AND for a ton of chic pictures! I tried their only 2 savoury breakfast dishes which pictures you can find somewhere below. All dishes come with pancakes. They were alright for a little less than RM20. Enjoy.

001 ferandus
002 ferandus
003 ferandus
017 ferandus
016 ferandus
013 ferandus
012 ferandus
011 ferandus
010 ferandus
009 ferandus
014 ferandus
015 ferandus
018 ferandus
019 ferandus
008 ferandus

This is Ben! Some of the much sharper pictures in here are taken with his DSLR. There is definitely a stark difference in color quality between what his camera captures and mine. Find him on Instagram! @five.march

007 ferandus
006 ferandus
021 ferandus
023 ferandus

My weird picture taking stance.

022 ferandus

*puts camera aside*

024 ferandus copy

*sips on coffee* mmmm

Outfit & Gadgets: Camera - Panasonic Lumix GF7 Top & Shorts - H&M






Shall do a birthday post next week


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