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Sharing in a University #daphyxunimas

Thursday, 15 December 2016 marks the second time I've shared in front of a crowd. The first time was earlier this year at PechaKucha Kuching in April 2016 with 9 other presenters (You can watch my bullet train of a talk here). This time however, it was with a bunch of bright, talented design students at University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). Difference between the two times was, I had a lot more time with my audience and I'm the only one sharing this time.

Here's how it felt: Warm. Okay, maybe the air-conditioning wasn't performing at it's peak. But it was also warm in the human-connection sense. I felt that they will all be going through what I've been through, and I just want to give them a few tips to make the process a little easier and a little faster for them.

My quick 40 minutes or so talk felt more of like an introduction to the working life as a creative. The few things I thought were important for most of us is 1. The power of constantly creating and sharing now; 2. Being open minded about changes and challenges 3. How to not be a starving designer/artist.

Through that short talk, it felt as if it was just like a warm up so that they could relate to me, and I could relate to them. The real talking began when they started asking questions. Some of them came to me when others were leaving, and we chitchatted for almost an hour which was an absolute pleasure! It was like chatting with a couple of like-minded close friends, only, most questions were directed at me. Normally, I would feel intimidated or uncertain when I'm the centre of attention, but with them, it felt easy, like it was really just about sharing. Heck, just a few years ago I would cower behind my seat if I've ever been asked on to stage. But now, I felt that I can do it, and that I'll try my best to make that time up there of use to all of us.

Glad that I faced my fears of speaking in front of crowds twice this year. Taught me alot. Really happy and humbled that anyone would think whatever I've experience was worth a listen. Once again, super grateful to the lecturer who invited me, Auzani, a talented animator herself and her students, the future Animators of UNIMAS for spending valuable time with me. I really can't wait to see all their final year projects. Can't believe they will be the ones designing and producing our future games and films. Just pwhffooooooooh mind blowing.

Kay, hope I can keep this writing up before 2017. There's just SO . MUCH . TO . DO! Taaaaa

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