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Tips to Help you stick to a Routine

If you could follow a schedule strictly, that’s wonderful! However, for most of us,  it’s easier said than done. We can easily get distracted or feel lazy. So here are some popular tips to help you ease into a schedule more easily or get you back into a disciplined mindset.

1. Wakeup to something that make you feel happy / accomplished everyday

Having something to look forward to every morning will definitely set you in the mood. A happy mind is more inclined to comply.

  1. Make your bed first thing in the morning, every morning

  2. Eat a delicious breakfast / your favourite coffee

  3. Me-time coffee and reading / writing

  4. Morning exercise: Yoga / Gym / Run

  5. Cuddle with loved ones

Remember to set a time-limit for any activity you pick, because it is easy to get carried away doing something you enjoy.

2. Have different sections of the house for different activities

I’m sure you’ve heard some of these before:

  1. Don’t put a TV in your bedroom as it is a place of rest not entertainment

  2. Work at a designated working area like a room or corner-of-a-room so that you can focus on one activity at a time comfortably, as opposed to working on the bed. It’ll also help your mind get into “work mode” when you get into your “office”

3. Have a reward or punishment system

Depending on your ability, pick some guilty pleasure and reward yourself if you achieved certain amount of goals for the day/week/month, and deprive yourself off it if you fail.


  1. I’ll buy myself a frozen yoghurt if I tick off all my week’s task by Saturday, or

  2. I’ll buy a new dress if I closed 5 deals this month.

4. Dress the part

When you’re at home, it’s really easy to just crawl out of bed straight to breakfast and work without having washed your face or brush your teeth. This often makes us feel tired in a short amount of time because you haven’t properly woken up.

So, wear something nice when you’re going to “work”.

Wear gym clothes when you’re doing workout.

Gets you in the mood for sure, trust me.

5. Stay Healthy – Sleep Early, Wake Early, Workout

It’s really easy to get back into the “university life routine”. Remember those 2am nights and 11am mornings? Snap out of it. You’ll have to get back to a schedule before you know it (plus, we’re not as young and as filled with energy as before), so stick to a normal human schedule.

Even I, who don’t have a 9-5 job, end up choosing to get back into the 9-5 routine because it’s simply more productive. I will try my best to wake up by 7am, have a workout in, and try to get to the work desk by 9am. Then by 6pm, I will feel like I’ve actually done the amount of work that is no-less than anyone. AND be able to join other people in their “human activities” such as: I can still join my friends for happy hours and wind down in the evenings with my loved ones.

Workouts. Yes. It is true – if you workout regularly, your body stays more energetic, less sluggish, and you’ll find yourself able to focus better on tasks. Exercising is like a magic mind and body cleansing miracle potion.

There you go! Hope these tips helped you guys in some way. If you’re looking to develop your colouring skills, head over to and download our colouring templates! I’ve uploaded a bunch of drawings for everyone’s entertainment. You can find something for your kids, your partners and even for yourself to self-entertain during this lockdown period. Who knows, you might uncover some hidden talents! Tag me or instagram and facebook @daphnesiaw & @artsydaphy if you do colour and upload any!

Leave a comment below if any of the above tips worked for you, and if you have any extra to share. I would love to try them! Take care!

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