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Tokyo DisneySea Trip and Tips

  1. Bring your own water and food. Food in the DisneySea theme park didn't feel nice and fresh, instead, everything felt very pre-made and were very pricey.

  2. Plan your rides or go on the single-lane. I personally don't find it worth it to wait 2 hours for one ride. So either get the fast pass for your selected ride, or go solo!

  3. Layer up if you're going in Autumn or a cold season. It was unexpectedly SO COLD when we went to both theme parks, so, I'd say, better be safe than sorry and bring that extra jacket! Those are the only things I think are important enough to have a mention at the top. Now, enjoy the story and the pictures! :D

001 bus station
006 tickets
009b toystory inside
009c toystory inside
012 Disneysea
015 ship
016 another ship
017 dory coming soon
018 dory
019 indiana jones
022 indiana jones
020 mickey icecream
032 chandu
029 toy story
031 disney sea
033 chandu
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