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4 Days in Bali SUMMARY: Streets, Villa & Capsule

Here’s the last video of the Bali series! Do subscribe for future weekly vlogs!

The last day in Bali didn’t really involve too much of Bali because we had to leave in the afternoon. But I’ll write a bit about the streets of Bali, and give you guys a sneak peak at our Villa Belharra, some food we had, a bit of Bali’s airport and the Capsule by Container Hotel in Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2.

Finally, I’ll put a summary of tips and what we did throughout the entire 4 day trip in the last paragraph below. Hope this will be informative enough to those of you heading there for a short vacay! Enjoy.


Here’s our washroom, probably one of my favourite parts of our villa. It’s semi open air so we get to poop under the sun (very fresh I tell ya) and shower under the moon and the stars.


Every time we did our makeup also looked like some natural skin care advertisement. The natural light just floods the entire space reflecting it on the mirror like a HD TV. I didn’t even edit the picture above which I took with my deteriorated Samsung Note 3 phone camera.


This is the little pool side. The water is warm ALL DAY. Even at 12am!


A place to chill. This is the morning sun, so it’s a little bright. Would be really nice in the afternoon. Oh, this place comes with wifi too!


Gonna miss this lovely villa. You can book Villa Belharra on Air BnB. Laurent is a very nice host.


Here’s a random building on the streets of Bali. And this is how I would describe Bali town’s visual:

  1. TONS of trees, plants & green walls. It’s lovely how so many buildings here are covered in plants. Creepers crawl down almost every other balcony and fence. Huge trees are abundant and cool off every little road in the city. Makes me wonder why Kuching doesn’t try to do that to our buildings and streets. I mean, we have the same climate right?

  2. Very Artsy and Cultural. There’s a temple in front of almost every resident. There are huge Hindu temple gates on almost every street. There are giant statues of Hindu gods in the middle of almost every round-a-bout. There are balinese furniture and art pieces displayed (mostly for sale) on almost every other road.

  3. Low rise buildings. I don’t remember seeing a single building more than 5 stories high. Which is quite charming.

  4. Messy yet ‘safe’ traffic. Like most large developing countries, traffic is a mess. No one seems to follow road signs, traffic lights or basic traffic rules. BUT, they’ve formed some sort of safety system where they’d honk to indicate or warn other drivers on the roads, and they drive fairly slowly due to the number of vehicles on their tiny streets.


We had lunch at this nice place called Warung Subak where we had the local delicacy – Bebek Tepi Sawah which literally means Duck beside Paddy Field.


Loved all of these sides. The chopped green and red chillies are spicy.


Our duck dish. Loved it!


Back at Denpasar International Airport, Bali. I now wonder why there are Chinese lanterns up there. It was end of March already.


Pretty ariport.


An expensive little meal before the flight. Just that costs IDR 112,727, which is roughly MYR 34.


Last picture of us before we head back to our separate countries.


A demon in the airport.


Chilling at Haagen Dazs before our flight. Nice color and lighting for photos in here.




Departure hall’s ceiling.


Leaving Bali.


I’m surprised to say that, I kind of like airplane food. Either because it’s always tasty or because they come in sad little packages, but everytime you open them, they are visually pleasant and quite appetising.


Checked into my Capsule when I got to KLIA2! My bed was 111!


It’s really quite safe. Male and female are separated. Love how this place is decorated.


Common area with tons of books. Wonder how long anyone would actually spend time here.


In the capsule. There’s a table on the left, your shade at your feet and two hangers on the right for your clothes 😀


We get two pillows and a self programmable phone-alarm clock. You can even programme it to snooze!


And back to Kuching I am.

It’s sad to say though, while we were in Bali, we didn’t get to walk around much due to the time constraints & didn’t even go to the beach!!!! How is that okay right? It’s Bali! It’s known for their spectacular views and romantic beach weddings. The only beaches we saw were of narrow strips of wetted sand viewed from high above the cliffs at Tanah Lot, Uluwatu and Alila Villas. Will definitely have to go back there for the beach.

Grateful to AirAsia because now everyone can really fly. Something our parents couldn’t really afford to do in the past. Can’t wait for the next trip. Have 2 more Asian countries lined up later this year. YAY. Hope it doesn’t stop there.

Okay, so here’s the summary of what we did in the four days of Bali. Do scroll through the Archives on the right for previous posts or visit my YouTube page for the 5 Bali Trip Vlogs.

General Tips

  1. You will need a driver or to rent a car or a bike. If you’re not confident with crazy traffic, just get a driver, they’re quite affordable if you travel in a group. My driver was Wardii Goh, whom you can find on Facebook. He’s  humble, reliable, polite and speaks Malay and English. But you can also contact several others for comparison, I’m sure almost all your friends who’ve been to Bali in a group hired a driver.

  2. Book a villa. This is just me maybe. You’ll get to really feel the balinese comfort compared to a hotel. I even wanted to decorate my house in a balinese theme after experiencing a simple little villa. It’s just natural and cozy. With Air BnB, you’ll get villas at very reasonable rates!

  3. Count your cash. The money is huge and it always gets confusing especially with all the zeros. We didn’t really have a problem with this because when we changed our cash, our driver took us to a legit money changer in a big air-conditioned building with CCTVs and bars. A friend though,  that travelled some other time told me that her family randomly found a money changer when they were out. And when counting their exchange, the staff slid a note under the table ever so slickly. My friend was very thankfully very attentive, and caught the dude doing it. They took back their USD and left. They later told their driver, and he took them to another proper changer.

  4. Stay in each area for a few days. Bali island is big, it takes about 1 to 2 hours from the central area (Kuta) to North and/or South of the island. North is where Ubud is. All the lovely famous temples, art and culture can be found there. If you were to go there, 2 or 3 days up there would probably be nice and relaxing. South is where the beaches and surf areas are, a couple of days there would be beautiful. And if you’d like a very central, bustling location not too far from the airport, Kuta & Seminyak are the areas to be.

  5. An average meal is about MYR 30 – MYR 50. That’s not very cheap for a typical average income earning Malaysian. So take that into account.

  6. Drinks are very sweet. This is an annoyance for me since I usually have all my drinks with no sugar. lol. Just try them once and you’ll get what I mean. I always ask them to take away ALL the sugar. I emphasize it because after my first time saying ‘no sugar’, they still put in a little bit of sweetness.

4 Day Itinerary – Summary & Tips

Day 1

Arrived at night from KLIA2 to Bali. Ate at Malioboro Restaurant. Checked into Villa Belharra, Seminyak. The Air BnB host was kind enough to come to take us in late at night.

  1. Try the Chicken in salted egg gravy in Malioboro!

  2. Ask for less/NO Sugar for your drinks. They are way too sweet.

Day 2

Went to the north. It takes about an hour to two hours ONE WAY.  Full blog & video link HERE.

  1. R.M. Cita Rasa Cafe – No air-cond place. LOVE the Indon Noodles. Wasn’t pleased when each of us payed RM30 for our simple kopitiam dishes in the simple warm cafe. Lol.

  2. Sukawati Art Market – I wish we spent some time here. The art is plentiful. Great place for souvenirs and art pieces. Along the streets of Ubud is lovely. I would just love to stroll along the streets and visit every store. This is why it’ll be nice to just live in Ubud for a few days.

  3. Tegalalang Rice Terrace – If you have more time, spend some time there and walk on the other side of the rice terraces. We just stopped and took pictures which was sad. :\

  4. Kintamani Volcano – Should actually come here before afternoon as it starts to cloud up. Again, easier done if you already live in Ubud.

  5. Tirta Empul Temple – Beautiful place! Especially for pictures! See the different colorful sarongs in this post! Tirta Empul’s souvenirs look much prettier than Tanah Lot’s, so if you find something you like and is a reasonable price for you, just get it I guess? I don’t know about their honesty there so just be careful.

  6. Dewi Coffee Plantation – Free coffee tasting! I think all the plantations do this. It’s nice. They also give us fresh tobacco leaves for smoking while enjoying our coffee & tea. No filters though!

  7. We actually tried a Balinese Massage place but we weren’t impressed by the service that cost more than RM100. Didn’t take a picture of the place too but I guess you should google reviews for massages if you ever want to go for one. We were surprised at the lack of professionalism from the big establishment. I mean, when I was in Phuket (Thailand), we just randomly entered an average looking parlour by the streets in Patong and it was the most heavenly aroma therapy massage we ever had, EVER. For less than RM100!

Day 3

Went to the south! Blog and video HERE.

  1. Tanah Lot – Lots of stores outside the entrance to Tanah Lot but didn’t see anything we like. Nice park and rock formations here for pictures but personally felt it was not AS nice as Tirta Empul and Uluwatu. You can see everything in the video of that day. I’d actually skip this location if I were in a rush.

  2. IIga Warung – This place is near Jimbaran. The pork ribs are DELICIOUS. Must try. There’s wifi there too :p

  3. Alila Villas, Uluwatu – I guess you could use this time to do something else more touristy, or go to the beach. But we were flat out tired from all the driving from the day before that we just wanted to chill. We also didn’t bring any swimwear because some friends told us the beaches are just so-so. So, we ended up having tea in a super high-end villa (which my colleagues told me about before I came). This place is about RM3k per night. It’s quiet, serene, modern, just – a piece of art. We did however, get stuck in the common toilet – there’s a defect with the door. Please be aware of that. No one would randomly pass by the area too, so it would take a while till someone realises you’re stuck in there. lol.

  4. Pura Luhur Uluwatu (Temple) – This place is beautiful, it’s on a fabulous cliff. We watched the sunset there. Amazing. But BEWARE OF MONKEYS! They’ll snatch your items and they’re harder to catch than humans, so, yea, no loose items hanging around guys.

  5. Ayana Resort and Spa – We wanted to check out Rock Bar’s sunset but weren’t in time. So we just had dinner at the Italian restaurant. A meal costs about RM100, food wasn’t out of this world. We would probably have been happier with a local meal elsewhere. The resort is beautiful though. Should come in the day to fully appreciate it.

Day 4

  1. Warung Subak – Delicious Duck dish with rice!

  2. Krishna Mall – Personally didn’t like the place – commercialised. But it’s a good place to grab quick last minute souvenirs if you didn’t spend time shopping earlier in Ubud like us (*rolls eyes at biggest mistake ever).

  3. Bali Airport – There’s nothing interesting in the departure lounge accept there were lots of high-end shopping brands and alcohol. There’s no Starbucks in the entire Airport! The airport is probably the only place in everywhere of Bali we’ve been that has USD on their price tags. So guys, USD is not necessary when you travel to Bali, unless you want to exchange it at the money changer if you run short of Indonesian Rupiah.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! 😀

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