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5 Style Instagram Accounts I Follow Daily

Despite the tons of beautifully curated accounts on Instagram these days, these are the 5 Fashion & Lifestyle accounts I’d return to on the daily for that dose of inspiration and just to add some beauty and calm in everyday life.


She is gold. Everything in her account is just so chic. She has been my style & career inspiration for most of my twenties. Her simple, feminine yet independent-woman looks just fits well with my taste and personality. Been following her since my university days, which was about 9 years ago already. Watched her YouTube videos from the awkward beginnings to now – owning every season of Fashion Week AND releasing her own collections! Her humble beginning and drive to be better shows that hardwork does make your goals achievable.


I only started to follow her a few years back, and like Chriselle Lim, her personality and style just rubs off on me (also helps that she looks like she has a regular petite South East Asian size which is good reference for 160cm me). This Singaporean lady’s style is elegant and chic too, sometimes a little bit more colourful which is a nice touch to times when I feel like getting a little more fancy. Besides that, she’s constantly travelling. She somehow always manages to take the most amazing style pictures in every city she visits. Can totally tell how hard working she is too from all the campaigns she does and now going to shows at New York Fashion week. Bravo.

3. WEWOREWHAT AKA Danielle Bernstein

Started following Danielle since reading an article about her a few years ago. The article was talking about how she would hit 500,000 (if not mistaken, or was it 1 million?) followers and how much she would get paid per Instagram post for it at that level. It was eye opening at the time when young people were making it big on Instagram. Now she has 2 million followers and is still killing it. She’d post her unique style and pairings as she runs around NYC and the rest of the world. She’s also great reference for posing if you want to look hot and natural in every Instagram photo.


She’s huge in the Fashion Industry & on Instagram, but I only followed her years after discovering Chriselle Lim. I find her personality amusing as she’d sometimes strike up awkward dances/poses at the most random times and places. She’s an Interior Designer, so I was quite interested to see how that would influence her style. Her vlogs are nice to play too just to catchup and see what’s up in the fashion industry.


I discovered this account some time end of last year and was instantly hooked. Absolutely love how simple colours and silhouettes can still make for such different yet beautiful, chic and elegant looks. Also love how simply they post and curate the account where every caption is a black heart shape, every picture a light warm tone, and just a tag on where the image came from. It’s just a peaceful beautiful account to look at for the simplest yet stylish outfits & pairings for the no-fuss person.

Which of the accounts above do you like or already follow? Here’s a bonus person & hashtag I just pop by everyday too:


Because, well, she’s Fashion at Instagram! Great place to discover new fashionistas on the platform. Actually followed her since her very insightful interview with Aimee Song. The way she talked in the interview sounded very smart, like I could learn a lot from this lady. Hence, went straight to Instagram to look her up. Apart from that, she has the most adorable children. Just enjoy looking at her cuddle Tao and wrestle with Ren everyday on her stories lol

I follow this hashtag religiously. It’s no secret that I wish to own my own apartment one day. Never too late to fill my mind with tons of ideas till that glorious day. So far, all this interior inspiration has been a great contribution to my Mural and Interior Design Projects!

Okay, till next time! Do share your favourite accounts!

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