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Why High-Waisted and How to Pair

Am totally into everything high-waisted / high-rise at the moment. From casual skirts to formal pants, as long as it starts from the waist, it’s going to be on me, and this is why (Gonna pluck out lotsa pictures from my Instagram, so mind the captions):

1. Makes You Look Taller

Doesn’t matter if it’s shorts, skirts or jeans, starting your lower body close to the navel just gives the illusion of longer legs.

Below is a blouse and denim shorts from Zara TRF from my Seoul Trip last summer. Don’t know why there’s so much more TRF there compared to Malaysia and Singapore!

And here is a sweater and skirt both from Miss Selfridge (Autumn 2017).

2. Makes You Look & Feel Slimmer

Since a lady’s waist is normally going to be smaller than the hips, anything clenching the waist is going to give you that sexy 8 shape.

Here I paired my sporty Adidas tank top with a blue pencil skirt from H&M for a feminine sporty look. Finished of the look with Adidas slip ons.

3. Makes Outfits Look Elegant / Put-Together

As you can see below, I’ve paired a very homely thin polka long sleeve blouse from Mango which would totally look like something you’d chill in on a Sunday. But add on a high-waisted pencil skirt and boom! Office lady at your service.

So how do we put outfits together with high-waisted bottoms?

1. Crop Tops

Crop tops are cute but sometimes, they just reveal too much. Pairing a high-waist bottom immediately solves this. You can look cute, sexy yet not too sexy.

Black off-shoulder crop top from H&M. Pink long pants from Zara:

2. Baggy / Loose Tops

Baggy tops can totally make you look 3 sizes larger. Just pair it with a waist clenching high-waist bottom and you’ll look slim and feminine instantly. See how it also balances the overall shape of your body.

Puffy-sleeved high collar top from Mango. Brown mini skirt from Miss Selfridge

01 DSB002

Loose shoulder, buttoned-up shirt from Levi’s. High-waisted black jeans from Mango

01 DSB003

3. Broad Tops

Off-shoulder tops and long sleeves tend to broaden our shoulders that may create a more masculine vibe. Tug on some long high-waisted skirts or pants to bring back the feminine 8 shape!

Off-shoulder navy top and culottes from Love, Bonito.

01 DSB005

Long sleeve blouse from H&M. Flowy floral skirt from a random store in Dongdaemun, Seoul.

01 DSB004

How are your high-waist pairings? Would love to see them. Comment below with your Instagram link so I could see it!

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