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Dia de los Muertos inspired & more Halloween Makeup

It’s a little late but, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

We don’t really celebrate halloween on this side of the planet but it won’t stop us from joining the rest of the world if we wanna. This year, some of the boyfies’s friends had a little party so, great opportunity to dress up!

I LOVE MAKEUP, so what you see above was the Day of the Dead inspired makeup. I also attempted a female version of Joker, but decided to go with something more refined instead. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Do let me know if you want to see more makeup stuff!!! Maybe I’ll make a tutorial too?

This was my outfit with the makeup:

halloween blog 2

This is the “Alive” side of the face with an original background

halloween blog 3b

Here’s the Joker attempt:

And a real sad face that I edited and looks even creepier:

halloween blog 4
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