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A Farm & Skuduk Paddy Fields

Have you ever woke up one day thinking, “I need to get out of this cage”?

Felt like that on Wednesday. It was a public holiday, and my colleagues happened to also have a last minute trip to the outskirts of Kuching. So I just jumped out of bed, got ready, grabbed my car keys, picked up a companion and sped up to the 25th mile from Kuching city to meet them.

paddy 00

 We started off with one of our friend’s farm at Tapah Village where we saw chicken! These chicken are bred for their eggs. We learnt how they are sorted by colour, gender and age.


We also learnt how their eggs are categorised with this machine.


And what happens to the broken ones. They aren’t wasted! People do buy them. Sometimes, my friend’s family consume them too.


There were all sorts of beings on the farm. Like cats and rats.


And sexy pigs.


It reminded me very much of the stories my late mother used to tell me about their childhood. She used to live on a farm where all 10 siblings of hers would be responsible for something such as caring for the animals and plucking fruits in the yard. I remember how she told me she liked little piglets most. But always get afraid when mama pig grunts when she plays with the piglets.


We also headed a little farther into Skuduk Village.


We were greeted by this amazing view. The colour is a little off from my car’s windshield.


Paddy fields! Looking at the paddy up close reminded me of A Bug’s Life!


This is my architect-photographer friend who owns the farm. He said he seldom appeared in pictures because he’s always behind the lense, so here are some pictures of him for him haha.


And these are some of the amazing pictures he took. Check him out on his Facebook Page: ChonFan


Our fun group! Till next time! 🙂

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