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A Month of Painting and some other updates

This week’s video is part 2 of a month long mural project. It has been tough keeping up with weekly videos because I can only allocate weekends to edit. And it is just not possible on some weekends. Anyways, glad my delays haven’t surpassed two weeks yet.

So this project took an entire month. One of my largest projects yet. Shall paste the other two videos on this project at the end of this post. More pictures and short write-up on the mural on my website, do check it out! I have a Facebook page and instagram too, go find and follow! @artsydaphy

This year is ending pretty excitingly. Apart from prepping the office, 😀 😀 😀

there’s been a bunch of projects being juggled in these 3 months. More projects always make me happy.

I really want to share more content on this blog with nicer pictures and stuff but everytime I type something I just save it as draft simply because I ran outta time or have to do something else or be somewhere lol.

Gonna be travelling later this week, hope to bring you fresher vlogs and prettier scenes. In the meantime, too much going on. Follow on Insta to keep up!



Here are the other two videos

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