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Yayoi Kusama Singapore Exhibit Thoughts

Visited Singapore again earlier this month with the main intention of visiting Yayoi Kusama’s Exhibit in National Gallery Singapore. I first knew about her years ago when I walked pass the Louis Vuitton store in Gardens Mall, KL. The curious red spotted tentacle sculptures in the window display of the high-end boutique attracted my attention enough to Google the artist behind it. You can read more about her on Wiki.

Incase you haven’t been looking at my Instagram page @daphnesiaw, I was inspired to do this vibrant collage with the pictures taken from the exhibit:

yayoi screenshot

How the exhibition made me feel:

1- It’s Okay to Feel and Share

Like how I feel always feel about work from other artists, it always makes me feel that: it is okay to express.

Sharing feelings is not easy because it makes people feel vulnerable. Most people don’t like that. Furthermore, feelings can get so complicated that just saying a few words to describe it just doesn’t do it justice most of the time, so why bother saying it all? It seems alright and comfortable to keep it in most of the time, but there are times when you just NEED to let it out or be depressed. Some would deal with this by telling other trusted humans, while others would turn to various art forms to express like writing, drawing, etc.

However this sharing of vulnerability is done, it should be something that is celebrated instead of feared or judged. Because it helps us feel connected to one another. It helps both the listener and the sharer. Like listening to a song that speaks your mind, or reading a comic that you can relate to. It also helps other people understand and hopefully, be more compassionate towards each other. It could even help represent people who can’t express that well. It could help them feel less alone.

Hence, I always try my best to appreciate and understand every piece of “art” or “expression” whether or not it suits my taste. I’ll encourage it because you’ll never know how it could impact another person.

2- Be Free

I really envy the amount of time she could take in painting her pieces. How she allows herself to get lost in each piece – dot by dot – line by line – stroke by stroke for her therapy. The thought of such freedom seems so far to me. I feel like in art, throughout the years, I was either learning, practicing, planning, or designing for others. I very rarely freely draw or paint something, from the heart, for myself, simply just because I wanted to. Especially when it comes to a large piece, I just can’t justify the amount of time I need to invest in a large piece for a “feeling” that might fleet.

Anyways, that’s just me. Think I had more thoughts but I’m getting lazy. Lol. How many of you went to the exhibition too and what do you think of Yayoi Kusama’s work? Let me know! And enjoy the pictures!

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