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Altidude Climbing Gym Kuching

Went bouldering at the shiny new Altidude Climbing Gym last Wednesday. Super fun. Happy to be back despite feeling sore all over my body, especially my back for the past 2 days lol.

Only started bouldering a couple of times last year, so you could say I’m a super beginner. But it’s still fun for me because there are many levels of “problems” to “solve” for all levels. Plus, it helped that I join some friends of mine which are pretty experienced in climbing, so there’s always a lot of support and helpful input from everyone including the gym owners themselves. They’ll often help out by shouting, “on your left, on your left! Jump! Reach!” to guide you if you feel lost.

Altidude Climbing Gym is run by a little friendly family of climbers. Whether you go there by yourself, with your friends, or join into a random group there, expect a warm welcome, and friendly guidance from everyone there!

Not only that, they might also help you snap a couple of shots of you in action for your gram! Check mine out hehe:

Here’s their Instagram:

See you there!

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