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Art Life | A Good Day

Artists are known to be moody and emotional and... poor. I have felt it all! But we have good days too, and this is how mine looks like. It usually involves:


Work normally means weeks and hours of bad posture at the table, neglecting balance and time for friends & family, exercise and sleep. Sometimes I do get frustrated at how long I am taking and sometimes I am not sure if what I am doing is even nice anymore after seeing it day in and day out. Sometimes I just want to get projects done with. Sometimes due to bad habits I end up living and working in a dumpster of an environment and have horrendous moods. But the day a piece is completed, it's like the heavens are shining down upon you and blessing you with another day, another chance to make things better. hahadramatic



Spending time sitting at a beautiful cafe sipping on delicious coffee while planning your next project is just JOY. I crave that all the time. That fresh and calm environment is just inspiring to me.



I think I get "depressed" because I don't go out enough and hang out with humans when I work. So yeah, being able to be with friends and family or just meet new people is a happy thing :D


How does your "Good Day" look like?

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