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Artsy Daphy at PechaKucha Kuching

So, I spoke in public for the first. time. EVER on 1st April 2016. That was at PechaKucha Night Vol.2 Kuching 2016. You can listen and see my presentation slides here:

As you can hear, my voice was trembling. I was really nervous. No matter how much I prepared for it, the first-time nerves just kicked me when I got on stage. But repeating the entire 6.5 minute talk over and over again every minute I get alone prior to the event definitely helped tons. It becomes second nature to say those particular words and you just know what to say next even when you don’t know what the hell you’re saying at the time. This is how I get through every presentation or talk I’ve done in my entire life. Proved to have worked so far, just need more practice!

I didn’t intend to present initially, I was too shy. I prepared my slides just one week before the talk after lots of encouragement from my peers. My excuses before was that I was part of the organising team and had no time to prepare for it (plus, I had commissions on the side then which was really hectic). But my colleagues were so supportive and told me to just do it anyway. What finally got me off my doubtful-lack-of-confidence-self was the thought of people from around the world who would be attending that particular PKN. There was an architectural design forum the next day, which was also organised by one of my bosses, and he was taking them to the event that night too. It was all so strategically planned – there were three big creative events happening on that particular weekend in my little city where people from around the world would be there. So I finally thought, why not. I wanted to get serious with my creative career and get as many people to know that I do what I do anyway. Furthermore it is the first time PechaKucha Night has been held in Kuching since 2013, hence, it would be a cool to be part of the first batch. And so, I did it, and I wasn’t too embarrassed at myself so that’s great. Another fear ticked off the list!

To know more about PechaKucha Night, visit the international website: Search Kuching to see my city’s talent!

You can see more pictures of the night here: IDC|DesignEast is the organiser this year so I posted all the pictures there. Pictures are taken by the extremely talented CF Bong

My artwork can be found on

Please also support my YouTube videos by subscribing HERE. Yes, film is another tool I’ve been practicing lately and really enjoying! Hope to be able to create better quality and more useful, inspiring and artistic content in the future!

Thanks! Heart.

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