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Artsy Daphy on Borneo Post!


it has been two weeks since my go at the artist’s life and i haven’t had a single minute to spare since to update this sorry blog. anyway, straight to the point: it was awesome. i was as exhausted then as i am now but i loved it. not only did i spend an entire 9-day week holding a brush and getting black paint splattered all over my clothes and shoes, i got to hang out with my little brother for an entire week 3 meters off the ground! haven’t really spent time with him since he left to study. he’s the sweetest, kindest person ever!

on the scissor lift

that one week of work also got me and my comrades a whole half page in our local newspaper, the borneo post! 😀 here’s the borneo post online link:

here’s the thank you list i left on my personal facebook page: to daniel, my younger brother who was with me every single day on that scissor lift for that entire week, he returned to kuala lumpur that weekend so couldn’t be in the picture. to janani, my balance, my assistant, consoler as well as consultant. to my super cool client, alex. to the talented reporter, now friend, russell, for making us look better than we think we are lol. to matt for always just being the best for me. and to everyone else who supported, praised, shared, liked, texted me, took pictures of my butt, thank you all so much for your support and encouragement! everyone of you make what i enjoy doing mean so much more!

here’s janani and i on our magic carpet – the yellow scissor lift. we didn’t know what this machine was called in the begining. i’ve seen it being used before online, but didn’t know how to describe it when i needed to rent it. so janani and i googled several descriptions like ‘window cleaning thing’, ‘skyscraper cleaning bridge’, ‘window cleaning suspension’. lol.

janani daph scissor lift

here are some of the pictures friends have been sending me while i was up there


here are some pictures of the mural up close

daphne cool wheels mural

do drop by this corner, take a picture and tag me when you’re in town! it’s feast and furious cafe on abell road, kuching, sarawak, borneo. you can google or facebook for it’s map!

daphne kuching sarawak borneo

and here’s the whole picture of the completed mural! the signage will be up this weekend, so there will be a few more finishing touches and a very special mascot in it! stay tuned!

98% Mural Daphne Progress

by the way, is still down at the moment, so, do drop by for pictures and updates. ooh! you can now also subscribe to this blog, the option is on the sidebar. 🙂 thank you! ta!

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