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BY MY SIDE Movie – Thoughts

Hi guys, how are the few of you who actually come here and read stuff? lol. Watched By My Side today by Rueben Kang and JinnyboyTV. Was super excited about the movie because, well, been watching them on YouTube for years now and kinda like their stuff. Also, really wanted to support our local filmmakers, so, super happy they got to make their own movie after all these years!

My review of this movie is super simple though: The movie was a little short (about an hour), it was a little predictable and there’s a part that was very Lalaland. It just felt like a longer version of one of Jinnyboy’s YouTube videos. It was nice to see life similar to our younger days as Malaysians. Throwing papers in the air and writing on shirts after SPM is so spot on throughout the nation. But I did think Faye (played by Marianne Tan) was kinda selfish and a little weird, but I guess that’s the logic of a 17 year old? Overall, I think my acceptance level for movies is pretty broad, so I’m going to say, it was not too bad to watch.

However, tears did roll out of my eyes a couple of times. Mainly because of some parts of Faye’s life that was talked about – 1. About how people kept leaving her and 2. About depending on herself to be happy.

That struck chord with me probably because I’ve experienced losing people before and also, I practically live my days by myself most of the time now, simply because I feel safe and comfortable depending on myself to be happy and fulfilled. It’s not a sad thing, even though it sounds so. Being independent has actually helped me a lot in life in general. It has made relationships a lot more pleasant and enjoyable because I don’t expect anything from people around me, allowing me to seldom be unhappy with them. In fact, I always feel extremely blessed and grateful every time they choose to do something nice for me or with me. Career wise, knowing that you deserve nothing from anyone without working hard to earn it has helped me in being proactive in finding ways to solve all sorts of problems, and brave enough to pursue things that scare me shitless.

So yeah, those are just my thoughts. What about you guys? have you watched the movie? Did you enjoy it? How did it make you feel? If you haven’t watched it, go ahead and see how far our local YouTubers have come! I hope this is the first of many. They can only get better!

Till my next post – I still haven’t finish typing my birthday post yet, and it was in JULY! Shall finish it up once I find some time. So much is going on these couple of months. Can’t wait to share with you guys. In the meantime, do subscribe to my YouTube channel: to see what’s up in a designer/creator/artist’s life! I try very hard to upload weekly, so, do go say hi and click a thumbs up if you see anything you like! 🙂


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