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Casual Mango in Kuching

It has been a busy week with 2 eventful Saturdays, hence this late Saturday post.

This is me working at my favourite coffee place in Kuching, Earthlings at Soho. What I like most about the place besides it’s beautiful bright interiors + wifi, is their COFFEE of course. They actually experiment with flavours quite often. So I’ll always try a new bean every time and learn to decipher all the little tastes. Not very sure about what I’m doing and tasting yet, but I’m starting to keep notes and trying to understand what “plum”, “winey”, and “bright” mean in coffee tasting. lol.

causal mango 04

Last night was PechaKucha Night Kuching Volume 3, so it was a very busy day. We were running up and down the Granary Kitchen + Bar getting everything ready and making sure the event goes smoothly. Before I knew it, it was 2am when I got home.

Picture taken at the Granary Kitchen + Bar Kuching. Mission House is behind. Both these projects are IDC | DesignEast’s Architectural Projects.

These are the bunch of stuff we did:

causal mango 07

Take a picture with a bunch of cute architects before the event. You may find pictures of PechaKucha Night on


Ride on this rickshaw in Kuching City at 11.30pm at night!!!

causal mango 09

waved and shouted at strangers along the streets and bars


and wrapped up the night at Drunk Monkey with some drunk monkeys.

It was all good fun and hope we’ll never be too old to do something fun and crazy again 😀

This was the outfit of the day: Coat, Blouse & High-waisted Shorts – Mango Flats – Free Fish

causal mango 03
causal mango 10

Hope you all are having a great weekend! Ta!

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