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July 2016 Summary + Vlog

Hello! Here’s a quick update, just a rough catchup summary of July here. Things always seem to get so very busy after July, it’s so awesome! It was the same last year! Have no time to post process all the tons of pictures and videos of activities, inspiration and art that happened till the following year! Love how there’s constant work to be done but annoyed that I can’t update and share in detail as often as I like! I guess Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter helps solves those problems (so follow me there! @daphysal & @artsydaphy), but really, don’t give you as much details as blog posts and YouTube videos can! For now, here’s a summary video of July 2016.

It’s not the best filmed or best edited but these are just a bit of my happy memories. If you’re interested to see more of whichever scene, let me know and I could do a full footage video and write-up hehe.

Here’s July’s summary in short pictures and words:

1 july blog pechakucha

The second PechaKucha Night Kuching we organised happened on 1st of July 2016! Our sweet founder friends in Tokyo decided to put me up on a featured person of the week :D. Link is HERE. My short write up is dated July 16th (MY BIRTHDAY!!). It’s amazing how the PechaKucha founders are so active and have such passion to share that PK just keeps growing so well despite having to run a full fledge architecture firm!

2 july blog farm

Went to ChonFan’s family farm with work-friends (colleagues but friends = work-friends) and Kelvin (an old high school classmate that spontaneously decided to hop on a car with me 21 miles out of town with me after not seeing each other for about 10 years lol)! CF’s farm was lovely, his village area was picture perfect! See the paddy fields and all in the earlier post HERE!

causal mango 09

We also sat on a 4 man rickshaw around town at 11.30pm in Kuching city after PechaKucha Night! It was hella fun and funNY! So much adrenaline, so much laughter and such a workout it was! 

4 raya

It was Hari Raya early July so managed to meet up with a lot of old friends and eat a lot of yummies.

5 july blog raya 2

It was Laila’s birthday early July – a super cute and chubby baby of a friend. Check out her crazy Little Mermaid cakes!

7 P1110408

We also finally met Ezekiel from Melb, he’s such a sweet happy no fuss baby that we got to bond with him a lot and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

6 P1110293

This monkey is for him.

6 munkee P1110293

Then, 16th of July was my 27th Birthday! had 3 celebrations 3 days straight.

8b 27 birthday

One dinner with my family, one dinner with my friends 

8 27 birthday

and one whole beach trip with my work-friends (so happen to have a company trip that day)! I feel very loved and grateful to have such happy fun people to celebrate with. Thank you everybody! <3 It has almost been a month and I haven’t replied any Facebook wishes 🙁 Hope to be able to get to them after all I have to do now done. 

Birthday Night 2016

Went back to Singapore at the end of July to help some buddies paint Roberto Baggio in her house. This young, pretty petite woman is a mad Baggio fan! She’s even went to meet him and his wife in person! Happy to be able to help her see her love in her fabulous new home everyday! I need to put the pictures on soon. ar! That’s Kimberly behind me helping me fix my mistakes. Such a great help she was!!!

9 sg

Singapore this round was really tiring with little time to do anything else. I didn’t really do any shopping or sight seeing at all. But we did meet Adrian and my girl friends which was great! 

9 friends
9 yao

Bought a few things at the airport and all happened to be Japanese related lol, total coincidence. The upcoming trip in November must be having it’s effect on me.

japanese stuff sg 2016

And that’s about it for July. See how many words this short summary took?!?!?! The amount of things I want to share about each event is just – A LOT. Till then, August has been amazing so far, highlight: SAW JAY CHOUUUUUUUU!!!

10 Jay

Can’t wait to share more pictures with you guys and tell you all about everything else. But busy with a few major art projects now that I’m totally loving. Hope to share with you guys again soon. Hope you enjoy these few pictures and videos. Thanks for dropping by!!!! 


Made three trips this year with this woman and it was all much fun! Looking forward to more soon! Till the next post, taaaa!

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