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Last week of July update

Okay, obviously missed a week of posts for a reason. Been out of the country on a little project for a friend, which means, SO MUCH TO UPDATE BUT JUST, NOT YET. Energy span is shorter than the amount of time in a day. Running around the city and finishing physical work for more than 8 hours straight a day is insane. But will update this weekend. Just got back to town this morning and already starting work on some really fun upcoming projects. Lots of pictures and new stuff that I just can’t wait to work on and share with everyone! Till then, here’s a picture of a dreaming me on the couch in the kind of condo I have always dreamed of owning! Thanks to AirBnB, the experience of living there has grown my dream of owning one. *heart!! Till this weekend, follow me on Instagram @daphysal & @artsydaphy for more frequent updates! Take care! Thanks for dropping by! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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