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Life’s a Blank Canvas

Life’s a blank canvas. 

Even if it isn’t blank, you could always paint over the “mistakes”.

The things I tell myself when I get anxious. After more than 27 years of ups and downs,making a fair share of good and bad choices, I’ve learnt to accept that we are always learning, as long as we keep on “Trying” and “Doing”.

Drew this piece Saturday morning. Trying to get used to the calmness of home. Oh yeah, I was in Singapore half of last week. It was a blast. Check out my Instagram for some pictures and my YouTube for the Day 1 video, will post about it later this week. (Which reminds me, I have yet to put the Kyoto video and pictures on this blog, dang, talk about a million and one things to get to.) Anyway, yes, Singapore, the beautiful island of 5-6million? Coming back to the city of 600,000 was a huge change. When I was there, I was anxious because I didn’t have time to get to this blog and getting some creating done; then when I am back here, I miss everything about the city… Sights, energy, galleries, people, talent…….. the list goes on. I really wish I could balance both. This is what brought me to the sketch above.

I’ve always loved the city. But never had the chance to live in one. I am not at the most young exciting stage of life anymore. My moves, hopes and dreams have become a little more “calculated”. Even so, what seems to have been calling me then, seems to still be calling me now (Think: Moana – How far I’ll go). I dare not announce anything yet, and have not made any solid arrangements, but I do know that things will change before the middle of the year. Just got to do it, even though I’m scared sh*tless, you know?

Here’s the behind the scenes of the drawing. Apart from trying to constantly create artwork, content, editing pics & vids and publishing them all while thinking of the next thing, as well as administration & marketing, I’m also trying to put in 6 to 8 hours of Japanese language studies in the week. It’s insane how you could be so caught up in your own little world of aspirations, and yet it’s still not enough. At this point, I’m almost never worried I’ll ever run out of ideas, content or just things to do in general. I’m only worried about having to run after time.

Okay, need to sleep before 2am. Want to get to gym in the morning and get everything done within the week. Happy to have stayed up to update this sleepy weekly-updated blog. Will catchup real soon. Ta!

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