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Mood to Work

Picture above by CCC Photography

In this small business self-employed life, the only way to make sure you don’t starve in the coming months is to SELF-MOTIVATE.

But being human (probably the most common but real excuse), you just can’t be in a 100% motivated-conquer-the-world-mood 24/7, 365 days a year. Simply because, you have FEELINGS. You know, moods and stuff. Here are some of the moods / feels I get all the time throughout the year. Sometimes they happen on different days, sometimes they all happen in one day. I’m so volatile. Tell me if you relate so I don’t feel so alone lol!


My favourite mood ever. Here, you’re inspired and excited. You have tons of plans, ideas, goals and confidence. You brainstorm, draw charts, organise your thoughts in colour, make calls, write feelings, write out whole scripts and concepts – you get the picture. Just freggin’ excited that you’ve got all these ideas to create that will surely heighten your career!


Sometimes there is just so damn much to do but at a moderate urgency that you don’t know which to do yet. So you make a list and just stare at it. They all seem sort of important that you’re not sure which to fully immerse your day into because you know that’ll probably take up half or the entire day, and the other things seem sort of important too and you feel you need to do that too, so you can’t decide which to do… Just the thought of this can completely tire you out and woarah, you wasted an hour of your life contemplating which to do and probably wouldn’t get to it until one of the tasks reach a ‘high urgency’ status.


I feel this mostly when I blog. wtf. Yes. Since blogging is not yet something I do regularly but am passionate about and want to do more of, I find it productive that I am blogging. But I am also using “serious-money-making-working-hours” to do this. I’m supposed to be working on my list of actual work, but I end up doing every other thing that I “feel” like doing that actual work gets delayed. This phase sometimes happen during THE CLOG stage as mentioned above.


This is probably the most common of days. It’s when you don’t feel an extreme high to conquer the world, but also don’t feel like a sorry bum. You just know what to do and do it. The day starts and ends peacefully, you are at peace with yourself.

These are just some of the general moods I can currently think of haha. There’s also other deeper feels like confidence in what you do, why you do, and how you do it that is probably a sub category of Productive Procrastination that I’ll talk about in another post. Oh, and there’s people too! The different type of people you need to and want to meet with that’ll make you feel so differently about everything.

I think I am satisfied with my procrastination now and can get back to full-force work. LOL. Till next time! Thanks for reading 😀

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