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No Time to be Unwell!

My friends say I need to relax, not think, and probably just read a book… By the way, this is an interesting book by George Lois! #book #talent #burntout #pills

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d know I suffered massive migraines for the past few weeks. There are times I cry hard just because that relieves the head a little. I think the cause of this was from my weak body after returning from the KK trip. When I’m weak I tend to get slight flus which sometimes tend to be sinus (I get confused between them). Then there’s a sudden influx of a couple of art projects that my mind couldn’t really handle everything all at once, and BOOM! My medical bill this month amounted to more almost RM400 and I had 4 days of sick leave.

Massive migrane attack this morning. Pressure is probably still in the head. Unwell but gotta feed myself. Might as well get some brainstorming in while at it. Sigh. Adult life. #Sendmeafairygodmother!

Anyways, I’m feeling all better now, back on the track and running full steam ahead! Every minute of my day is used to the fullest and I’ve never felt more fulfilled! Really can’t wait till all the projects are finished, I’ll probably book a room on a resort and sip on champagne. *day dreams…*

One of the many works in progress from before. Inking by tracing over the pencil #sketch. Why? Don’t know, so I don’t have to erase? And tear the sheet outta the book to scan? #throwback #art #artsydaphy #kuching #sarawak #borneo #travel #daphywanders #urbansketchers #wip

So yeah, tons of work and little time is how I’d describe life right now. Do follow me on Instagram (@daphysal) and Twitter where I’d update a tad more often. My artwork’s hashtag is #artsydaphy and travels are under #daphywanders

Kuching city from the top. August 2015. See carpenter Street right in the centre of the pic! #kuching #sarawak #borneo #travel #daphywanders

Here are a few sneak peaks of new views of the city. Great thing about my mural jobs are that I get access to some interesting places before they are opened to public. The not so great part is, it’s not open to public yet because some places can be toooo ‘under construction’ which can be quite uncomfortable.

Ooh, new commission :)))))))))))) #wip #sketch #mural #paint #art #artsydaphy

That’s me and the Sony B Trainer that Sony so geniusly loaned to us for the Kuching Marathon run. They let us try the device for a week and for the run, then get us to review it for them. In the meantime they also get tons of publicity when we post up pictures with the cool gadget. Personally I think it’s a great device, just a little pricey and I don’t like having things in my ears when I run, so I haven’t bought one.

My little elf!!!!

While painting I always enjoy having some company around as it can get quite depressing just painting all day (I don’t know why, art can be very emotionally draining for me). Hence, I’m super grateful for having the sweetest friends and boyfie to accompany me while I’m working in the scary building. I need to write about these two people one day, they are freaking awesome!

Lovely cool foggy morning to tour around this beautiful European city! #daphywanders #travel OK kidding, it’s actually really hot and hazey here in #kuching #borneo

Finally, here’s us after a long day of work in our currently very polluted city.

It has been 2 weekends (3.5 days) working on this 10 meter long piece, and here’s a short something that’s always on the back of my mind that I’d like to share when I’m painting murals:

J: you look like a cat D: how J: You have paint on the sides of your mouth Sigh. Day 2.5. Wall painting can be very unglamorous and is physically taxing. Walked through the mall for lunch looking like a beggar in dirty clothes with dirty hands and legs. But it didn’t really matter because I love the story behind the rags.

Yes, painting a large vertical object is definitely tough and unglamorous. I often ask myself why I do this to myself as I don’t seem to be lacking anything, I have a degree and a great office job, why slave away like a labourer everytime I have the chance? Well, I guess that’s what they call passion.

Where there is love, there’s patience, determination and passion. #art #artsydaphy #painting #mural

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