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September Recap | Lantern Festival & New Medium :)

Aloha. Here’s another recap vlog. Now’s the third month I’ve done this since July and I really appreciate having done them. I’m glad because I get to look back at the highlights of each month and be all satisfied inside knowing that I did something worth remembering every month. I’m trying to keep to the schedule of publishing two videos every week in categories of sketches, vlogs, art and discussions (maybe). I’m still new to all this but I hope trying to produce things constantly will eventually make things better.

Now here are some pictures that won their way to September’s recap post:


Filming fun moments with Kimberley


My 10 year old earring! I bought a pair of these when I was 16! Still looking interesting.


Posing is harder than acting!


Lantern / Mooncake / Mid-Autumn festival night overlooking Friendship Park from grandma’s. Those shiny dots in the sky are actually floating lanterns! Like in Disney’s Tangled!


Three of September’s artwork. Which I shall find time to record on soon.


Besties back together again! Having dinner at the Junk.

Boys I love. My brother came back! 😀 + Matt and I tried Ilao Ilao that just came to Kuching city. Honestly prefer Hielo’s froyo (but it closed down). But still, happy to have froyo back in Kuching that comes with FRESH FRUIT 😀 Thoughhhhhh, there was one time we saw a bunch of flies at the fruits. Hope they fix that problem soon.



Food at Steakhouse, Hilton. The food was alright. The beef was good but slightly more on the welldone side for medium-welldone. But the service was really slow. There were only 2 people manning the restaurant all night and the chefs either took their time or good food takes ages to prep.


And finally, my camera setup at home HAHAHHAHAA. Yes, I used my Ikea table lamp for lighting. My room is a mess. Throw-everything-out-video coming your way!

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