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WHY NOte 7 (Samsung Galaxy)

I made a little sketch. If you guys haven’t watched it, here it is.

I love the Samsung Galaxy Notes. I had the Note 3 which got me to do many small digital paintings over the past two years. You can find them on Instagram under the hashtag #artsydaphy. I’ve also used the phone for countless quick proposals when I’m with Clients. In a way, it did it’s part in contributing to me having more time to create even more these days. So I really appreciate this phablet and it’s great pen.

After 2 and a half years I finally pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It’s a little scary to find out later that your phone has the potential of exploding. But it’s been good so far and we will be swapping it in a week which is good. Hope everything will be well after that and that I can safely sketch on it with my face 30 cm away from the screen. 😀

This short video is created just to share how useful the phone is to me. There’s a ton of other great features of course but you can find them on any tech spec website. So yeah, hope you enjoy it. I am no filmmaker. Just, someone who likes to experiment with new medium. You know, a creative experimenter sort (I talked about it PechaKucha Kuching. I’ll put the 6 minute talk down here).

And filming this was very fun. Have a couple more ideas and very excited to keep making them! Targeting to put videos up twice a week but let’s see if time and finances allow me to or not. 😀

Do let me know what you think. Advice is much appreciated! Thanks for watching! Do subscribe to my YouTube channel to see what other stuff I can cook up 😀

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