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3 Basic Natural Monolid Makeup Looks

Here’s the video!:

Made this video one Chinese New Year morning when I was getting ready to go visiting. It’s a hectic week for us Chinese in Malaysia with all the friends and family back in town. So, a get-ready-with-me video seemed like an efficient use of time.

I have a typical oriental face with average-sized eyes. What makes my eyes look smaller in pictures are my monolids or single-eyelids and very short eyelashes. As you can see, there is no line/fold on my eyelids, hence, it took me quite some time to figure out how to wear my face more confidently as I grew up. Makeup videos on YouTube are fantastic to watch, but not every look could work with our monolids. So here are three everyday natural-basic looks that I use. Hope it’ll help a younger me out there 😀

monolid blog 001

I use Look 1: The Cover-up when I go to gym or if I were to do a quick run to the grocery store, or when I’m just plain lazy. It’s super minimal.


  1. Use foundation to cover up the eyebags and redness around the nose and mouth.

  2. Fill in eyebrows lightly so it would not overwhelm your plain mono eyelids.

Super simple. I use foundation instead of concealer because I only want to cover a few patches on the face, and foundation has the closer colour to my skin than a concealer. It makes a huge difference for people with monolids to cover up the eyebags because, eyes look good top-heavy, not bottom-heavy.

monolid blog 002

Look 2: The Everyday look. I use this look when I go to work, meet friends, or just – everyday. Sometimes I will skip foundation but here, I’m using Sulwhasoo’s Perfect Cushion Brightening (BB Cushion Compact).


  1. Put light brown eyeshadow all over the eyelids to the crease to add depth to a flat face.

  2. Darken the lower half of the lid and the edges a little for more depth.

  3. Draw eyeliner about 3 to 4 mm thick. (Because if it’s too thin, the eyeliner can’t be seen when you smile)

  4. Curl your lashes and smack on some good old waterproof mascara.

  5. Fill in eyebrows to frame the larger eyes.

monolid blog 003

I use Look 3 when I’m going to a formal dinner or party. I also use this look when I’m shooting photos or videos so that my eyes look bigger and more awake.


  1. All of Look 2 steps, only, intensify the colours of the eyeshadow a little more.

  2. Glue on False Lashes about 2mm away from natural eyelids. Glueing the eyelashes a little higher than normal will help fold the eyelids for some of us, bringing out a subtle double eyelid!

  3. I normally add dark brown eyeshadow at the lower outer third of the eye and wing it out a little to create a slight “wink” effect (I think it makes the eyes a little cuter. I LOVE some people’s eyes with those “smile wrinkles” at the edge.)

  4. Intensify the brows more now that your eyes are humungous!

***BONUS TIP: False lashes with a black/thicker band can help the false-double-eyelid fold better. If the band is too soft or too thin, the lids might not fold.

I hope someone would find this video and guide useful. Been wanting to share these tips for YEARS now, but only recently have the confidence to film it. THANKS FOR WATCHING AND READING! Subscribe to this blog and my YouTube channel so you wouldn’t miss a post! I update once every week! 😀

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