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A Day at the Beach: Big Kite Festival

Last weekend I took a day off and headed to the beach for the Big Kite Festival at Sematan! Check out the video above! Out of all 38 videos I’ve uploaded on YouTube so far, I actually found this one pleasant to watch and kept replaying it. May it’s also because my ridiculous dance moves in it makes me laugh at myself and makes me wonder deep down if I’ve passed the level of no fcks given.

Overall the festival was alright. There wasn’t a lot going on. No stores of food and all that. Just a few big kites trying very hard to float because of the lack of wind. But we had a good time at the beach. Rolling in the warm sand and sea just felt like heaven. Like I was finally able to rest my muscles and calm my heartbeat. #bestfeelingeverrrrrCould it be because I’m a Cancerian and belong in the water?”(Cancerian thoughts)

This is the fourth straight week that I’ve been occupied like mad, all day, everyday. Not complaining though. Actually getting quite used to it too. Every second is filled with purpose and goals. Loving it. Would definitely like more time but gotta deal with the 24 hour cycle and mortal needs. -_-

Anyways, getting late, gonna put up the laundry and hit the sheets. Till next time. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL and THIS BLOG TOO. Sharing is very appreciated as well (haha). Nights.

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