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First 4 Things to Know before going to South Korea

Was in Korea for 5 days back in July. Have about 3 vlogs  up on the Youtube channel already since then on the trip. Want to type out our itinerary but was just way too caught up! But getting to it!

There have been alot of ups and downs during that short, spontaneous and poorly planned trip (HAHA). So from our wall-knocking experiences, here are the very first few tips I think everyone must know before going to South Korea without a tour is:

  1. Download Naver Maps App – Because Google Maps don’t work in Korea. You can Google why. Naver Maps is similar to Google Maps.

  2. Download Seoul Subway App – It will tell you exactly which stations to go to to get to your destination in the shortest time. There is a lot of walking to do if you’re not familiar with the subway system in Seoul. Trust the app to give you the most efficient routes.

  3. Just go for the regular sim cards like KT if you want internet. I bought EG Sim which is less popular and had a really shit time. Their customer service only had one person who spoke English so it was hard to get help. Got a refund for the sim in the end.

  4. T Money card is what we used for the subway. I read that it can be used to pay for other things too, We got ours for 4,000 won at the airport vending machine. Each trip will be pre-deducted upon scanning at the entrance at 1,250 won. We think they only add if it exceeds a certain distance.

Apart from the above, here’s a bonus few more little things:

  1. Stand on the right on escalators, walk on the left. This is not super crucial, but it’s good to know since every other city is different. Also didn’t realise Koreans drive on the right.

  2. Do hold you baggage if you are bringing them up and down the escalator. Their escalators are super long and you might hurt someone if it slips.

  3. Watch where you sit on the train! Be very aware of spaces reserved for the people who need them.

That’s all for now. Follow on for random updates and pictures of Seoul, or just look for the hashtag #daphyinkorea

Stay tuned for our 5 day Korean itinerary!

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