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Kyushigai Yakitori Bar, Kuching

The cosy Kyushigai yakitori bar opened on the charming-touristy Carpenter Street here in Kuching just a few months back. And I do not remember the number of times I’ve been back there already. There’s just something about the chill vibes, the interesting background music (that isn’t blasting loud like most bars), and the interior that features a square shaped wooden bar surrounding the yakitori grill, that just gives the place a lot of life, character and comfort.

kyushigai 02

The Feels I’ve been there one on one and with groups of friends and just feel like it fits all occasions (even joined a meeting there). If you’re with a friend or two, sit at the bar, watch your yakitoris getting grilled while tasting sake warm or cold (personally prefer warm). If you’re with large groups, there are long tables surrounding the bar, both outdoor and indoor.

kyushigai 12a

The Food

Although a little pricey, the food is actually really good. Friends and I just cannot stop biting on the salted edamames, so delicious. They also serve Japanese beers if sake is not your thing.

kyushigai 09b

The Interior & Exterior

Take a million pictures because, this place is set beside a real red-tiled temple – that adds into the cultural theme of the place. There’s a little waterfall inside the restaurant with koi fish in a little pond, that even has a cute little bridge that leads you over the pond. Walls of sake bottles shelved in real wooden furniture just makes for an expensive looking backdrop. Also totally forgot to mention that their sake jugs and glasses are art pieces themselves.

kyushigai 01

kyushigai 03 sake
kyushigai 05

These were just some of the pictures I had over my past few visits. How was your experience there? Did you enjoy the place as much as I did? Comment below! 😀

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