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About Kayak-ing at Permai, Kuching

Kayak, according to Google is sort of like a canoe. When we say we go kayak-ing, it means we’re going to row this slim long colourful boat for one or two. You can either row on the rivers or on the sea.

Here are some answers to questions friends ask me when they saw my Kayak pictures:

  1. Where do you Kayak in Kuching? We normally kayak at Permai Beach (shares the same beach as Damai Puri). Seen some people do it in the jungle. Haven’t tried that out yet.

  2. How much is it? The last time we kayak, we took the boats for 2 hours. It was RM60 for the two rider boat. So I guess an hour per person would be about RM15? Yeah, pretty cheap.

  3. Is it safe? I’m not super sure about this but we think it’s pretty safe if you wear your lifejacket. Helps if your friends can swim and have some experience rowing a boat. The seas also seem calmer in the mornings between May to July in Kuching.

  4. Where do you row to? There are a few beaches on the right side of the sea near Permai Beach, you could row to the beaches and hang out there for a bit. We normally row to the second nearest shore. You could row a little further if you have the energy.

That’s about all the questions I can remember now. Do let me know if you guys have any questions yourself. Other than that, enjoy the video! And subscribe to my YouTube Channel to follow me on my adventures!! 😀

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