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Woo! Kota Kinabalu

I’m actually sitting in this very cafe typing this right now and going to edit pictures for this post after. So this is a very “live” post.

[words first, PICTURES BELOW!]

It’s 4pm, rainy afternoon, I finally got a day off from my 2 week’s of work here! Since I’ll be leaving tomorrow, I thought I’d come out for a nice brunch and maybe see a bit of artsy stuff introduced here (though I think this part is not going to happen because of the rain). I actually came to Woo! a few days ago for dinner and noticed “Smashed Avocado Toast” on the menu. Didn’t have it that night, but I knew I was going to come back to try it. I’m always on a look out for avocado toast. So far, I can only say that Punch, Singapore had the best one, until I came here. I tried at a few places in Kuala Lumpur but they really didn’t quite make it to the “Good” level. I probably haven’t posted pictures about all of these yet, I was really bad at blogging last year. ANYWAY, today it’s about Woo, and getting straight to it:

What I like about the cafe:

Beautiful Interiors – 100% Instagrammable

Woo (Facebook page here) is an old shop house along Jalan Dewan that is refurbished into a clean, chic cafe. They kept a lot of the existing conditions of the building like the peeling paint on the ceilings, the uneven wall textures, some exposed bricks, old window grills, and all those typical trendy old-can-become-new stuff from interior design magazines.

The interior design of the cafe is everything I love:

  1. White walls – I mean, my entire studio is white too, so.

  2. Black accents on the window grills and floor tiles

  3. Large windows – So bright. The rear windows are made to show a bunch of trees which looks like part of an abandoned piece of land/hill. Under normal circumstances, the trees would look sad and messy, but in this case, the windows framed the greens of the flora that went very well with the plain white brick walls in the interior

  4. Open floor plan done well. Even with almost no partitions, it felt like it was sectioned well enough to not look plain; neat & spacious enough to not feel cluttered. Each section had a slightly different look – which makes it a fun photogenic space. Seats were also a comfortable distance from each other.

  5. Trendy little details: I mean, white neon words on the walls saying “all you need is lol”, exposed brick walls painted in white, little table stand with a little green plant in a pot?! yas.

Food & Coffee

For dinner I had the Salmon Steak with Skin. Salmon was just right – crispy skin, tender meat. The edamame puree around it tasted a little weird to me though.

For brunch I had the Smashed Avocado toast and it was lovely! Thick, rich, and lightly salted on a piece of wholemeal toast that wasn’t too thin nor too thick. Crunchy peanuts and crispy turkey ham on it added to the variety of flavours and textures. It all blended together perfectly. Enjoyed it to the very last bite. The poached egg was good too. The beetroot yoghurt sauce under the egg gave another interesting flavour option which is always nice to have.

Had the cappuccino. Don’t know how to describe coffee in very coffee-taster-terms, but, it was nice. Not too milky, had that slight roasted fragrance-thingy which you taste a bit of in Black Market from Earthlings, but it’s less bitter. Don’t know what coffee beans they used, or is it the milk, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Fast Wifi

Lately in Kuching, I ONLY go to cafes with UniFi, or  at least 30mbps internet speed. When I found out they had it here. It was perfect. I can upload this post because of it :p

Other Bonuses:

  1. Free Water – It’s not a huge deal, but I got very annoyed when some cafes back home stopped offering tables bottles of water. I get that they don’t like people sitting around for hours with only one drink (practically what I’m doing, I know, guilty. But to my defence, I go to cafes at odd hours and leave when I see crowds coming and when seats run low), but to the regular patron, it just doesn’t feel nice. Hence, I go to those cafes a lot less now.

  2. Friendly and Attentive staff – Once you step in, they’ll go “Hello!”, quickly serve you a bottle of water, and quickly clean up after you’re done.

  3. Temperature – not freezing on a rainy day

  4. Food Presentation – Pretty

  5. Food Preparation time – no complaints

PICTURES HERE to illustrate everything mentioned above:

008 interior
005 interior

011 food

001 menu

As I’m finishing this post, I’m feeling a little sad for taking my last sip of coffee. But I have my eyes set on tis very good looking ice cream shop across the road called CAMACA. Perhaps I should head over…

009e interior

p/s: OMG. two girls are painting with watercolours on the giant communal table in front of the neon words. I WANT TO BE THEM RIGHT NOW.

ok till next time taaa

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