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Happy Lunar New Year!

cny 2016

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Hope you're having as much fun as me during this long weekend!

160208 blog 12

By Saturday, I was being chauffeured around. It feels nice to have a weekend off to just do whatever.

160208 blog 10

Had a lovely brunch at Madeline at the Spring Mall. I'd say it's my favorite brunch place because of it's beautiful setting. Love the coffee and that corn kernel walnut danish too!

160208 blog 11

I've wanted to go makeup shopping since Christmas, but because work was always on the back of my head, I couldn't really waste any time at the mall. So now that I'm temporarily not working on anything, I finally did some spending!

Was feeling goth for some reason so I went looking for a nice dark vampy lipstick at Sephora. Ended up with this fabulous shade of #vamp by 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) which I later found out from a friend that the brand is pretty popular right now for it's compact powder. I feel so out of date! The lipstick was actually quite soft and didn't feel drying at all. The color was rich and lasted a decent amount of time. It's about RM60 which isn't too crazy I think. I was targeting NYX because it was alot cheaper, but this dark color seemed to be really popular as it was out of stock for ALL of the NYX lip ranges. :(

160208 blog 01

Also got this amazing palette by the Balm from Sasa that features a collection of the most popular shades from all their product ranges: greatest hits vol 1. As you can see, there are a couple of very practical neutral shades for eyeshadows, three very different blushes for different looks, a bronzer, a highlighter, and two lip shades to suit your mood. Love it so much because I can use that single palette for days when I feel rebellious and also for days when I feel all sweet, angel and princessy. The pigments for each color are all so rich and beautiful. Always loved the Balm's colors since I got the Meet Matte palette years ago.

160208 blog 02

Playing with my vamp lip color. I was bored.

160208 blog 03

Smoothening my beard while gambling wtf

160208 blog 04

Mood: You're boring me.

160208 blog 05

Just some random effect on my Lumix GF7

All the portraits above were taken at the same time with the same makeup - bronzer for shading contours, super thick eyeliner from Etude House (which I'm not really enjoying at the moment because the bottle dries up too fast), and the that lovely vamp lipstick!

160208 blog 06

For reunion dinner, I had the utmost important task of all (as usual) - which is to provide the healthiest dish during potlucks - the fruit platter. Got this huge ass Japanese Fuji apple for RM11.99 PER PIECE! Madness. Tasted exactly the same as the little South African Fujis.

160208 blog 07

Potluck reunion!

160208 blog 08

My extremely handsome nephew! He's so cute, couldn't resist but to hug him and carry him all night.

160208 blog 09

Didn't bother to look out for the fireworks because it was raining. Also because from such a high location (I live in a condo), all you see are little sparks here and there.

160208 blog 13

Restless Daphy at the office. #cny #doodle #sketch #luckydraw Posted by Daphne Siaw on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Here's some doodles I did for our office lucky draw last Friday. I should really get to sleep now, I'm typing this with my brain half dead and half fuelled by red wine lol. I hope my horrid complexion wouldn't be too obvious tomorrow from this lack of rest and intentional intoxication. Good night, and have a great celebration everyone! :D

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