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Homes in Asakusa Japan

Here’s a few photos of how some homes look like in Japan. These are taken at the hipster area of Asakusa.


You can find greens everywhere. Sometimes they are large, sometimes they are litte. It’s adorable.


Look at this quaint little front. No gates needed. Japan is known for it’s safety.


Transportation and hobbies.


Although spaces are small and cramp, everything feels zen because of how neat and clean every corner is!


Vending machines can be found at every corner in Japan, even in small towns and residential areas. Super convenient, no vandalism.


Finally, this was our AirBnB gate.

A few things about the properties from our observation here:

  1. Land is Japan is expensive, so most things are built vertically.

  2. Noticed that almost no two homes look the same here. (Renovation must be a big thing?)

  3. AirBnb hosts here rarely meet their guests. They have cleaning companies come to clean up their place through apps!

  4. Most buildings are old but very VERY well maintained.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Been a little busy until lately so had a little time to go through some pics.

Here’s one for the holidays! Hope everyone is having a great warm holiday season with tons of smiles 🙂


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