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Jay Chou’s Concert, Johnny Rockets, Ikea, and more Art | August’16 Recap

I like videos. It’s easier to show than tell. As you can see, I don’t talk or write much because I find it much easier to visually express myself (hence, ya know). But I do hope I’ll eventually gather more guts to speak proper sentences with a straight face on vids hehhh.

For this week’s first video, I shall just put down some notes on each of the events because, there’s only so much of each scene I can show in a vid before you snooze away. August was pretty cool, passed by way too fast again. It’s already the second week of September and I’m only able to share this with you now. So buseh!

Anyway, here’s all the detailed info on the video:

Jay Chou’s Invincible Tour Concert 2016

Jay Chou’s concert was just a blast. He looks fabulous as always. He’s either barely ageing or ageing beautifully. So in love with his artistic talent, his style, his flair in performing, and most of all, entertaining us for more than 10 years already! He truly is gold.

The stage sets were fabulous. There were space scenes, underwater scenes, haunted mansion, jazz street scenes and so much more. All so mystical, energetic and well coordinated. The dances were coordinated with the 3D HD screens, so you’ll see a dancer dance into a screen and the dancer in the screen does some crazy not-human moves and then jumps out off the screen and becomes a human dancer again. I don’t even know if you can understand what I’m trying to explain lol.

Somehow believe that most people at his concert were his long time fans so, him playing all the hits of the past 10 years were just wonderful and nostalgic, and EVERYONE sang along. One song reminded me of the first time I felt like I had a crush on someone at 14, and another made me remember how beautiful everything around us is as he compared a girl’s blushing face to a ripe tomato. *hearts everywhere*


This lace blouse, shorts and Chuck Taylor 2 were my concert outfit 😀


My colleague-friends who went too 😀


Shangri-la Lemon Garden Buffet

Had an amazing buffet dinner at Lemon Garden Cafe, Shangri-la. My hosts actually preferred this place over the famous Starhill in town! I don’t know, haven’t been to the other.

All I know is, the food here is amazing. I had so much sashimi and mussels and everything actually. See the vids. Definitely worth going! I don’t remember what credit card gives you 40% on Thursdays! Definitely worth a go!

Ikea & Art Friend

I FINALLY WENT TO IKEA. Being someone who gets happy from just browsing beautiful interior design (especially Scandinavian ID), it’s just preposterous that I’ve only went there this year after going back and forth from KL so many times.

Heard the meatballs were good there, but I thought they were just alright. I definitely saw alot of furniture I would want to fill my future office with. I couldn’t help but pickup a plain white duvet cover (It is almost impossible to find a decent priced white bed set in Kuching!), a classic alarm clock, a whisky glass and a ton of pictures. Happy I was.


I also picked up RM400 worth of color pencils at Art Friend at the Curve which I totally forgot to include in the video. Fantastic buy. Way cheaper there than it is in Kuching.


Johnny Rockets

1. Johnny Rockets is at the curve. 2. It was Ei Chi’s birthday. So off we went to celebrate her birthday there :D. It’s an American restaurant. Food is alright. I would order sweet potato fries over normal fries. The oreo milkshake was thick af. It was so thick, you have to suck so hard to get the icecream into your mouth, it’s fawesome.


Just ask them to dance. hehe.

Back in Kuching.

What to do When Your MacBook Charger Fails

Check the port for stuff stuck to the magnet! That took me a good few minutes and some Googling to realize. It was quite hard to get the staple out because the magnet was so strong. But alas, got it out with something small hard and sharp.

I Painted Pandelela Rinong on a Building in Kuching

Check out the full video in the previous post!

Portrait Commissions

I had like 2 more portraits to complete end of that month till early this month. It took 3 weeks to finish an a2 size one and another week for the a3 size one. My back hurts like hell now. I NEED a drafting table for better posture. Seriously. Someone tell me where I can get it locally. Apparently people don’t use these tables anymore since digital is the new thing.

That’s all for now. Need to catch up on some rest before my entire back fails on me. Good night and stay tuned! Might be posting another video end of the week so, 😀 😀 :D. Ta.

oh yeah,

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This was in Ei Chi’s car. She LOVES Pikachu since our primary school days. Just that night when we were out we said, “too bad Pokemon Go is not in Malaysia yet.” And surprisingly, the next day, 6 Aug 2016, Pokemon Go went live in Malaysia!

We were at Pavillion the on that day and I got up to Level 6 on that very day from walking around the mall and just sitting in the food court. Much more stops and things to catch in KL. Kuching is like a wasteland hence, I barely play anymore heh

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