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Tokyo DisneySea Trip and Tips

It was my first time at a Disney theme park so I had no idea what to expect. But after our visit there and Universal Studios Japan later that week, here are a few things I’d say from the experiences:

  1. Bring your own water and food. Food in the DisneySea theme park didn’t feel nice and fresh, instead, everything felt very pre-made and were very pricey.

  2. Plan your rides or go on the single-lane. I personally don’t find it worth it to wait 2 hours for one ride. So either get the fast pass for your selected ride, or go solo!

  3. Layer up if you’re going in Autumn or a cold season. It was unexpectedly SO COLD when we went to both theme parks, so, I’d say, better be safe than sorry and bring that extra jacket!

Those are the only things I think are important enough to have a mention at the top. Now, enjoy the story and the pictures! 😀

001 bus station

We went to Tokyo Skytree to catch our bus to Tokyo DisneySea as it was the closest stop to our Asakusa area. We wanted to catch the very first bus there but missed it because sleep was a little more important at the time heh (But it’s definitely wiser to be earlier).

Felt that the building was quite pretty, so here are a few pictures for my archi-designer friends.

006 tickets

We got to DisneySea at around 8.30am and had to queue for about 40 minutes to get our tickets at the entrance.

008 disney boat

At the entrance of the theme park.

We started of waiting for the Toy Story Mania ride. That ride took a 2 hour + wait eventhough the board said 100 minutes. The ride was not exactly super exciting to us. It was the kind of ride that’s like sitting in those teacup things and shooting at the screens. I wouldn’t recommend the ride if you’re an adult.

009b toystory inside

I guess the only nice part is that you get to.. take weird pictures?

009c toystory inside

After the ride, we went to eat little aliens because they were cute. Also because Matt likes mochi stuff.

010 alien store toy story

That was the stand.

011 alien store toy story

These were the aliens. We were the Claws.

013 disneysea

Here’s a bit of how Tokyo DisneySea’s main area looked like. It wasn’t exactly huge, but that’s where the main shows were. That volcano is constantly smoking.

014 turkey

This was lunch. A large turkey leg at JPY700, which is equivalent to MYR28? It was quite filling but not something I enjoyed eating. Perhaps it’s because the texture was like duck meat. Felt plastic-y to me. The drinks were also so-so.

015 ship

We walked around and checked out the different scenes and worlds at the park. You could pretend you were a ship’s captain who has no neck.

016 another ship

Or find yourself watching giant crows pick on stones in a Nordic country.

017 dory coming soon

The Finding Nemo / Dory section was still under construction. Would have been so cool to see this. I LOVE NEMO & Dory very much! T_T

018 dory

Oh look, we found Dory!

019 indiana jones

This was probably somewhere near the Indiana Jones ride. Very Aztec-ish.

021 indiana jones capture

This picture is taken from the Indiana Jones 4k 3D ride. Now this one was fun. One of the best rides we had there.

022 indiana jones

We did not sit on this roller coaster. We just didn’t have much waiting time left after the 2 major long-wait rides (Toy Story and Indiana Jones).

020 mickey icecream

Sem managed to find a cute Mickey ice-cream snack.

023 sinbad

We wondered to the land of Sinbad. This ride only had like a 5 minute queue so we though we’d check it out.

This was another fantastic ride. Nothing super exciting but all the scenes in the story-boat ride were quite fascinating even though everything was in Japanese and all we could understand was “Sinbad” and “Chandu”. The effects and environments were all very impressive. It even got us to fall in love with the tiger cub – Chandu. Matt had to buy it later haha.

032 chandu
024 Aladdin 2

We found ourselves at the Aladdin’s palace but didn’t take any rides there.

024 Aladdin

The sun was setting and everything looked even more magnificent when the lights came on.

029 toy story

I mean look at that! Compared to the day time scene in the video.

These are a few pictures from Triton’s Kingdom.

025 little mermaid 2
030 chinese food

We were extremely tired by the end of the day, legs were hurting like ffff. This was our last proper meal at Disney. Very pricey Chinese food, but probably the best. This was at the retaurant near the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea area if I recalled correctly.

031 disney sea

And finally, we say goodbye to the now lit-up ship.

The ending show at the pond/sea area was really amazing. It was mostly digital and light effect with fireworks that was so incredible to watch. They also played songs from all the old Disney films that brought back so much warmth and happy memories. You can see parts of the show in the video above too. I realized how much I loved the Lion King after listening to the song again :’).

033 chandu

The only two souvenirs we bought from DisneySea. I still think the little pink totem was worth it even though it’s super pricey. It’s got my name on it! 😀

Our DisneySea experience was probably 3.5/5. Was not impressed by the food and the lack of interaction with the main Disney Characters. Definitely saw more at USJ. Perhaps Disney Land Tokyo would have been more interesting? Shall go again one day.

For now, hope you enjoy the pictures and the video! Let me know your experience and tips if you’ve been there already! Or don’t hesitate to ask if you’re going to pop by soon!

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